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Instructor: LTJG DJ Adair

At this time there is not a locally arranged training event.

Cadets should visit the USNSCC Homeport Advanced Training web site for more information on the many different trainings offered across the country and internationally.



Advanced Leadership Training

Friday 21 JUN through Monday 01 JUL, 2013

at Founders Ranchin Edgewood, NM


USNSCC Leadership Training conducted during the international Single Action Shooting Society End of Trail event. Bataan Battalion cadets provide logistical support for an event involving over 1,000 competitors and just as many spectators. Every Cadet will receive an opportunity to organize and direct work crews assigned a myriad of tasks and service opportunities including: crowd control, parking, ticket vending, firing range maintenance, brass collection, brass sorting and sales, target maintenance, sanitation, ice and water transport to over 100 support personnel, and many other tasks and opportunities.

Cadets will be camping at a dedicated site located on the Ranch. Days will start early and end late. Cadets will learn about radio operation, outdoor and weather hazards, knife safety, firing range safety, team building, management styles, interaction with the general public, sanitation, recycling, firearm brass calibers and manufacturers, sales, knot tying skills, and field stripping of popular military rifles and pistols.

The End of Trail event is nine days of single action shooting with competitors dressed in period garb from the 1860s to early 1900s. Days include competition, stage shows, long-horn bull riding, and other activities of the Old West.

Don’t miss this opportunity! This training has become the "rite of passage" for most cadets (ask around).  The signup sheet and preliminary equipment list are now available. This training requires a nominal $75 fee. Contact CO LTJG Adair at 505-453-0964 for more information.


2013 End of Trail Schedule & Equipment/Seabag List


Google Map to Founders Ranch  (link to Founders Ranch directions)



Other SASS Events at Founders Ranch:

Instructor: LTJG Adair




• 12 Stage Four Corners Regional Championship Action Match • • 12 Stage Four Corners Regional Championship Wild Bunch Shoot • • 6 Stage Four Corners Mounted Regional Championship Match • • Fun Side Matches - Horseshoes, Buffalo Chip Frisbee, Card Cutting, and Bullet Splitting • • Plainsman & Long Range • • Two Conventioneer Stages all Weekend • • Four Stage Wild Bunch Warm-Up Match on Tuesday • • Four Stage Action Warm-Up Match on Thursday •

The Bataan Battalion has once again been requested to provide logistical support for this event at Founder’s Ranch!

Participating Cadets can camp at the ranch Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights

Service hours toward Community Service ribbon will be earned

For further information contact:

LTJG Dave Adair

H: 291-6064

C: 453-0964

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Work Detail at Founders Ranch

The Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) has requested Cadets to help prepare for the upcoming Buffalo Stampede shooting competition. Meet at Founders Ranch at 0900 and work until 1600. Lunch will be provided. Service hours toward Community Service ribbon will be awarded. Bring water, snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses, cover (boonie is preferred), work gloves, and a positive attitude. Uniform of the day is work clothes. Those who plan to attend Buffalo Stampede are encouraged to support this effort. Signup list is available in the BMA office.


Buffalo Stampede at Founders Ranch

Three days and nights of camping at Founders Ranch supporting the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) Buffalo Stampede Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) event. Arrive at Founders Ranch around 1800 hrs on Thursday. Setup camp. Spend the next three days providing logistical support for the event: ice and water delivery, chair and table setup, firing range support, recycling, refuse detail, and other activities as requested. ALL CADETS ARE ENCOURAGED TO PARTICIPATE!!! Service hours toward Community Service ribbon will be awarded. Camp teardown and cleanup should be completed by 1600 hrs Sunday. You must provide your own transportation to and from Founders Ranch. If you’ve never been to a Founders Ranch event, this is a perfect opportunity to learn about the major Battalion fund raising activities and Cowboy Action Shooting! Those who plan to attend End of Trail (a 9 day camping event at Founders Ranch June 17th to 24th) are encouraged to support this event. Signup list and Seabag/Equipment list are available in the BMA office. CO: LTJG Dave Adair 291-6064 or 453-0964