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At this time there is not a locally arranged training event.

Cadets should visit the USNSCC Homeport Advanced Training web site for more information on the many different trainings offered across the country and internationally.


DATES for FALL/WINTER POLA: 10-14 OCT 2013 See Time schedule below

PETTY OFFICER LEADERSHIP ACADEMY (POLA): This training is highly recommended for those cadets that have recently completed Recruit Training.  It is required for all cadets wishing to progress to E5 and above and for those wanting a leadership position in the Bataan Battalion. Eligible cadets must be E2/E3 qualified (completed Recruit Training, Basic Military Requirements and the Seaman or Airman correspondence courses). Cost: $TBD

Officers, Parents, & Cadets –

The following information is posted for the 10-14 OCT 2013 Petty Officer Leadership Academy (POLA) class.  Payment must be made in full prior to completion of the class unless you have an approved payment plan in place or unless the cadet has earned a training via fund raising (see the TO for verification).If a cadet is dismissed from training for behavioral issues, it is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to pick them up immediately on request - THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON.  All funds are expended on materials and special event activities.


  • Thursday - 1615 to 1800
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday Reporting Time is 0800/Dismissal Time is 1700
  • Monday – Cadets report to regular classroom/school hours. Pass and Review will be held after school at 1700 in the Mess Hall. Families are encouraged to attend, there will be refreshments.


  • Sack or Microwaveable Lunch (Snacks & Fluids are provided)
  • Camelback, Canteen or Water Bottle


  • Thursday - NWU Uniform
  • Friday Johnny Cash/Working Blues
  • Saturday/ PT Gear (Shorts, Sweatpants, Sweatshirt, T-Shirt, Tennis Shoes, Socks, Sweat Towel Allowed)
  • Sunday - Johnny Cash/Working Blues - Bring PT Gear separately
  • Monday – as posted on Sunday


ORDERS: Your cadet will be bringing orders home. Please ensure orders are filled out legibly & accurately and signed in the appropriate places. Please note if there are any changes to emergency contact information and/or insurance information.   IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT WE BE ABLE TO REACH SOMEONE IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY. If your cadet needs to take medication during the training day, please read the instructions on NSCTNG 025, fill it out accordingly and give to the Instructor on Wednesday. Medication should be limited to only that needed and in the original prescription or over-the-counter packaging. NO MEDICATION IS RETURNED. Inhalers will be kept by the cadet on their person.

MEDICAL/PHYSICAL INFORMATION: Your cadet should have a current NSCADM 020 (Medical History form) and NSCADM 021 (Physical Exam) on file. We will double check this prior to the class. If your cadet does not have a current physical on file they will not be eligible to participate in physical competitions/team building requiring physical ability.  If your cadet experiences an emergency medical issue and is transported for treatment; the resulting expenses are the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility. NSCC insurance is secondary and does not apply to treatment for pre-existing conditions.

PRECAUTIONS: Your cadet will be doing PT daily as well as participating in team building physical activities. Please make sure that they get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids. They should refrain from unnecessary sugar intake, sports/caffeinated beverages, and junk food. Please ensure that you pack a nutritious lunch for them daily.

In the event that your cadet is separated from the training, they will not receive credit and will need to repeat this for advancement credit. This includes separations for behavior, medical, family, etc. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON.