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Commonly requested forms used for battalion operations.

The following forms are linked here as a convenience, and can also be downloaded from the Sea Cadet Home Port web site, under Administrative Forms or Training Forms.

NSCADM001 - Cadet Application and Agreement

NSCADM001 (p 3-4) - Report of Medical History

NSCADM001 (p 5-6) - Report of Medical Examination

NSCADM001 (p7-8) - Medical History Supplemental For Training Authorization, Consent and Release

NSCADM001 (p9-10) - Request for Accomodation

NSCADM001 (p11) - Parent Support Questionnaire

Informational Letter 2012-12: NSCC/NLCC Accident/Illness Policy

NSCTNG026 - Three friends = Free Training : Recruiting Incentive program

NSCAMD002 - Adult Volunteer Application Package

Standard Answer Sheet (blank bubble sheet) 

Income Receipt / Expense Report Form -  Form used to record an income or expense receipt to turn into unit Finance Officer.  This form is two pages; the first page is the income receipt form, and the second page is the expense receipt form.  Fill out which ever you need, and only print the page that you need. 

Sea Cadet Administration Sites

HOMEPORT (national training site)

MAGELLAN (electronic membership system)

NOTS (exams)