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Cadets are authorized to wear appropriately flashed U.S. Navy uniforms. All cadets are issued the Navy Working Uniform (NWU), Dress White uniform, and Dress Blue uniform. Uniforms are maintained and worn in accordance with U.S. Navy and USNSCC uniform and grooming regulations. Uniforms belong to the battalion and must be returned upon resignation or promotion from the USNSCC Triton Battalion.


Uniform of the Day:

Cadets:   Uniforms will be announced
before each drill date in the POD.


Officers: See POD or OIC


Uniform Supply Hours: 

TBA at each drill date.


USNSCC Uniform Regulations & Manual

USNSCC Home Port - Uniform Regulations  




Triton Battalion cadets may be required to maintain a BDU uniform with NSCC flashings for specific work details or regional training events that require the BDU uniform. Please check with the Training or Supply Officer for more details.